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The Griffin Firm is an entertainment law firm focusing on the performing arts... dance, music and theater.

Keith Griffin

Keith Griffin has been practicing entertainment law for over 25 years. Having trained as a classical musician himself, he has a great affection and affinity for the performing artist. As an attorney with many years of experience, he also understands the importance of sound advice, guidance, counsel and direction to the development of an artist’s professional career. Over the years, Mr. Griffin’s clients have included those at the very top of their careers, and those on their first steps to fame. To each of these he gives his personal attention, seasoned advice, and strong support and encouragement.


While our client roster is always confidential, over the years our clients have included:
Principals, soloists and corps members of some of the world’s leading ballet companies
Choreographers creating on renowned dancers and companies
Composers for opera, ballet, theater and the concert hall
Actors, playwrights, directors and producers for Broadway and off-Broadway
Producers and directors of independent films
Classical musicians
…and for-profit and not-for-profit arts organizations


The performing arts business is creative, exciting and fun. But it is also very much a "business"; one that provides the performer with the income to buy groceries and pay the rent. Mr. Griffin has spent many years successfully negotiating entertainment contracts on behalf of his clients, always with skill, knowledge of the business, and concern for the people whom he represents. And he believes that it is of utmost importance that, before an agreement is signed, the artist has a complete understanding of what it says, what is required of the artist, and when and how the artist will be paid. Mr. Griffin carefully reviews these contracts with his clients, and helps the client determine whether further negotiation for better terms is appropriate. And because he knows that most artist's income and time are limited, he keeps his fees reasonable and affordable, and gives each of his clients his personal attention.

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